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Ep.80- A City-Centric Definition of Middle Class

Ep. 80. When we talk about being middle class, we can all picture the white picket fence, the family vacation and maybe a pension plan. But this definition is decades old, and not in touch with the current time. With the elimination of pension, changing workplace arrangement, rising college tuition costs, and the insane housing prices, we should attempt to redefine what represents the modern middle class better than the white picket fence, while staying focused with the core principals of stability and respectability.

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Ep.73- Filing Standard Deduction and Owing Taxes? It's Because of Personal Exemption and Bad HR (Part 1/2)

If you are doing your taxes right now, you probably realized you owe taxes for some reason. You are not alone. Most Americans have been screwed by the tax code change. Episode 73 explains, why standard deduction filers, owe taxes right now. In a nutshell, personal exemption and bad HR.

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