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Ep.73- Filing Standard Deduction and Owing Taxes? It's Because of Personal Exemption and Bad HR (Part 1/2)

If you are doing your taxes right now, you probably realized you owe taxes for some reason. You are not alone. Most Americans have been screwed by the tax code change. Episode 73 explains, why standard deduction filers, owe taxes right now. In a nutshell, personal exemption and bad HR.

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Ep.6 - Why Are "Hamilton" Tickets so Expensive?

The popular musical "Hamilton" is coming to LA in August. Their tickets went on sale on April 30th ranging from $85 to $650. Just a day later, the cheapest tickets on Stubhub are around $400 and the more expensive ones cost over $3,000.  The economics behind this can be summarized in one word - Scalpers.  They tend to get a bad rep for driving up prices. But I don't think so. Check out this episode if you want to find out why. 

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